Official Rules


This directive outlines the Winner Wonderland promotion available to Michigan Lottery Account Holders during the period of December 12, 2016 through December 25, 2016. During the promotion period, Account Holders will have an opportunity to win one Instant Prize per day.


  1. Account – means a Michigan Lottery Account registered on the website.
  2. Account Holder – means a person who has a valid, fully registered Account and meets all applicable eligibility requirements.
  3. Instant Prize – means a $2.00 Instant Games Coupon, $3.00 Instant Games Coupon, $5.00 Instant Games Coupon, or a $10.00 Terminal-Based Online Game Card Coupon.
  4. Microsite – means, the website designed specifically for the Winner Wonderland promotion.


  1. Beginning December 12, 2016, Account Holders will have the opportunity to participate in the Winner Wonderland promotion, where they will have the chance to win one Instant Prize per day.
  2. For a chance to win an Instant Prize, Account Holders must:
    1. Go to the Microsite and enter his or her Account credentials, which include the Account Holder’s email address and password,
    2. select the checkbox agreeing to the promotion rules,
    3. select the “LOGIN” button to successfully login, and
    4. select a digital door to open.
  3. Account Holders may share the promotion via Twitter, Facebook or email by selecting the buttons and hyperlinks provided in the Microsite and following the necessary instructions. Sharing the promotion does not earn participants additional Instant Prizes or chances to win.
  4. Account Holders are limited to receiving only one (1) chance to win an Instant Prize per day.
  5. Neither the Bureau nor its promotional partners are responsible for delayed, lost, or misdirected electronic submissions made through the Internet.
  6. Account Holders may only participate in this promotion using their own Michigan Lottery Accounts.
  7. Notice of this promotion will be provided on, the Michigan Lottery Connect blog, the Michigan Lottery Facebook Page, the Michigan Lottery Twitter Page, paid media, and in the Michigan Lottery email campaigns.
  8. This promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on December 25, 2016. Account Holders will be unable to login to the Microsite or select a digital door after this promotion ends.


  1. Lottery’s vendor partner, HelloWorld, Inc., who is managing the Winner Wonderland promotion, will set 10,000 random, computer-generated times throughout the promotion in which the first Account Holder to select the digital door after the time set will win an Instant Prize. These random times will be set during the period of December 12 through December 25, 2016.
  2. Account Holders are only eligible to win one (1) Instant Prize each day. The number of winners, instant prizes, and quantity of prizes are set forth in the table below.
Quantity Number of Winners Instant Prize
4,000 4,000 $2.00 Instant Games Coupon
3,200 3,200 $3.00 Instant Games Coupon
2,200 2,200 $5.00 Instant Games Coupon
600 600 $10.00 Terminal-Based Online Game Card Coupon


  1. Instant Games Coupon and Terminal-Based Online Game Card Coupon winners will each receive an automated email sent to the email address as provided in the winner’s Account. The email will contain a printable barcode that can be redeemed for Instant Games or Terminal-Based Online Game Cards at any Michigan Lottery retailer.
  2. The value of each prize is less than $1,000 and a PA-11 debt check will not be conducted.


  1. To be eligible, a person must: be at least eighteen years of age; be a Michigan resident; have a valid, fully-registered, and active Michigan Lottery Account; have a valid Michigan address registered with the account; be physically located in Michigan at the time his or her entry is submitted; and complete the Microsite login form.
  2. A Bureau officer or employee, or a spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of a Bureau officer or employee, is ineligible. An individual, organization, or employee of an organization under contract with the Bureau is ineligible if that individual, organization, or employee has access to certain nonpublic information, including, but not limited to, Bureau data, books and records, electronic data processing programs, and system designs.


The Commissioner may terminate this promotion or any part of this promotion at any time without notice. Termination or alteration will be announced on the Players Club website.


A valid lottery claim requires compliance with all State and Federal laws, all Michigan Lottery rules and directives, and all terms and conditions. A valid lottery claim may not be premised on any erroneous or unauthorized communication, display, or transmission of information regardless of how that information is recorded, displayed, or transmitted.


Advertising for this promotion will not be directly sent to, and entries will not be accepted from, any person who is on the exclusion list. The Players Club website will include a link to the responsible gaming resource page and contact information for the Michigan Problem Gambling helpline.


All transactions and claims are governed by Michigan law and are subject to all Bureau rules, regulations, directives, terms and conditions, and any subsequent changes thereto. All decisions made by the Commissioner are final and binding on every person making a claim. This directive does not amend or replace any other Bureau directive unless expressly stated herein.